The Voices of Legalization in the UK Are Getting Louder

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At the beginning of May, a UK doctor approved the nation’s first medical cannabis prescription, despite the fact that it is still illegal. The medicine was for young Billy Caldwell, an 11-year-old boy who suffers from intractable epilepsy.

Less than two weeks later, the Liberal Democrats announced the total legalization of adult-use cannabis as a campaign promise. This move was the first time a major political party in Britain had made marijuana reform a key initiative. At the same time, Prime Minister Theresa May suffered significant condemnation for what was perceived as ignorant “reefer-madness-esque” comments toward pot reform of any kind when she relied on the false “gateway drug” theory that cannabis use leads to harder drugs.


Revealed: The Latest UK Drug Use Figures And What They Tell Us About Changing Habits

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Every year, the UK Home Office invites a sample of 50,000 people to tell them whether they have used any illicit drugs. Although you might wonder why anyone would willingly share this type of information, most people agree to take part. The survey helps us to understand the trends in UK drug use and informs policy and service planning.

So what does this year’s survey reveal about Britons’ use of drugs?

Home growing medical vs. recreational marijuana: What’s the difference?

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When it comes to home cultivation, the line of separation between medical and recreational marijuana becomes blurred, according to industry officials.

Cannabis expert witness and Oaksterdam University instructor Chris Conrad of El Sobrante, California said that in terms of physiology and the compounds in the plants, the two types of cannabis are pretty much indistinguishable.

“The question is do you have symptoms of some health conditions and does cannabis help you with those?” Conrad said. “That’s where the ‘all use is medical’ has a little bit of allure for some people. A lot of people that use it for medical purposes started off using for personal use and then they eventually come to realize they can get a medical benefit from it. Once they made that determination, then at that point then it is medical.

40 Promising Medical Uses For CBD

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Cannabidiol or CBD is a non psychoactive cannabinoid that comes from hemp and cannabis. It cant get you high, but can certainly perform some biochemical magic throughout your body. As you are about to see, there’s been increasing scientific inquiry into the vast benefits of CBD. This information stands to support the long touted anecdotal reports of CBD’s (and Cannabis) efficacy as a medicine.

10 best cannabis strains for cancer

Most people have heard stories about the use of weed as a “miracle cure” for cancer. The truth may be a little less dramatic, but it’s just as exciting. Cancer patients’ use of medical cannabis continues to grow and diversify, thanks to groundbreaking research. Where once cancer patients turned to cannabis to combat symptoms related to their cancer treatments, like nausea and pain, researchers have recently reported that cannabis can actually slow and even kill certain types of cancer cells. This list of the best weed strains for cancer takes all of these therapeutic uses into account.