My Experience: Cannatonic for chronic pain relief

This is the first of an occasional series of posts documenting a beginners experience of using medical cannabis (cannatonic strain).


Male with diagnosis of fibromyalgia (4 years), symptoms include chronic pain, depression and fatigue. First time using medial cannabis.

Medical Cannabis

Received 1g of herbal cannatonic cannabis, cannabis was consumed by smoking with a short pipe.

Experience Day 1

Started off with a very small amount in the pipe at 13:00, slight effects we’re felt at 13:20 – a general feeling of warmth, did not experience any pain relief but it did seem to lift my mood and resolve some of the fatigue feels. Repeated at 19:00 with similar effects – no pain relief but some boost to mood.

Experience Day 2

This day tried to have a smoke at 20:00 to see if it would help me sleep. This time I had 3 times as much herb as day 1’s single dose. At 20:15 felt very stoned, had to lay down because the effects we’re a little over welling. at times didi not feel comfortable with the psychotropic effects that I was experiencing – felt very floating and I could tell that my attention was being affected by the drug. Felt that I had taken too much and would not be able to function properly with similar effects if trying to work.

At 22:00 felt a lot of peace, and enjoyed reading a puzzle magazine, felt pulses of pleasure   going through my legs and more importantly my back ground pain level had ceased – this was the first time with out pain for several years, and i began to enjoy the experience. My partner said that I look very relaxed, the most relaxed I had looked for a long time. Slept at about 1:00 AM.

Experience Day 3

Woke up at 10:00 and was still feeling the effects of the previous night – I felt more in control mentally – but my pain levels we’re still reduced. This effect lasted until around about 15:00.


There seems to have been a problem with dosing on the second day and I was really taken aback as to how stoned I got straight away – as I can’t guarantee my herb was actually cannatonic due to source it make me wonder if this really is cannatonic. Pain reduction was excellent, would like to achieve the same degree of pain relief with out psychotropic effects in the future.


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